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Winter Feet

0 Comments 15 June 2011

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ShoeSales.com.au has put together a step by step regime on how to care for your feet in winter. In most cases feet are often neglected during winter, this is a great way to maintain healthy and beautiful feet during the chilly months (also perfect for in between salon visits).

Just follow these easy steps for summer perfect feet!

Step 1: Removing dry skin

Place your feet in a tub of luke warm water with two drops of hand wash and soak for 10 – 15 minutes.You may also try a couple of drops of essential oil;

•Peppermint- cools down hot & tired feet

•Tea- tree- kills germs it has anti-bacterial properties preventing infections

•Rosemary oil- promotes blood circulation in your feet, helps to heep them warm!.

After 15 minutes remove feet from tub and smooth with a foot file/ pumice stones to remove rough and dry skin.

*Best to use foot files that can be washed. Don’t use blades/ rasps, leave these tools for professionals.

Step 2: Scrub

Use exfoliating salts in even rubbing motions to remove any excess dry skin on the feet, this will also stimulate healthy skin growth and leave skin feeling soft. Rinse feet and dry thoroughly with extra care in between your toes.

Step 3: Toe care

Push up cuticles, cut nails straight & file straight for a smooth edge. You may also buff nails to smooth out any ridges.

Step 4: Moisturise

After exfoliating apply a specialty foot cream/ heel balm this will ensure that feet are adequately hydrated. For extremely soft feet, moisturise feet before bed, put on cotton socks and wear over night.

*This step is most important and should be performed on a daily basis. Always follow exfoliation with moisturisation to protect the skin on your feet from drying out.

Step 5: Polish

Remove any oils with nail polish remover – Apply two coats of clear polish to add a shine to your nails.

*Regime should be completed once every two weeks.

Quick tips;

• Drink plenty of water, hydration is key.

• Rotating footwear- allows for moisture in shoes to dry.

• Change socks & hosiery daily. Choose natural fibers such as cotton to let your feet breath.

The things you will need & the order you will need them in;

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On our wishlist for summer;

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