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Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??

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PinExt Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??
twitter Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??

alg bride wars jpg 300x199 Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??Planning that dream wedding can become a bride’s worst nightmare! Acquiring a second fulltime job of coordinating, scheduling and managing, unleashes your inner Bridezilla! Seeking the perfect wedding shoe, to match that illusive wedding gown, becomes another chore, noted on your expanding things-to-do list. Overwhelmed by the pressure, bridal blues can slip in, zapping all your initial joy and excitement. Have I hit a nerve? I’m sure I have.

ShoeSales has created a niche online bridal boutique. An experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch, as you sip a settling camomile tea! Precious hours outside of your 9-5pm job, don’t have to be spent trudging from store to store. No driving around centres, parking, coordinating your bridesmaids to the one location and then hopping one-legged on a sales floor trying on shoes, with no vacant seats to perch upon. To then finally track down a shoe that will suit everyone, to be told that the sizes are not available. Arrggggg! Am I still hitting a raw Bridezilla nerve? offers an exclusive collection of exceptional bridal footnotes. Our premium brand Evelyn Miles offers each bride and her bridal party an exquisite shoe that will not only look fabulous, but feel incredible too. A bride needs all-leather trimmings, as your day is going to be a long affair!

Evelyn Miles Slider 300x151 Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??

Let me propose this pleasant scenario to you. Search Easy! Hit BRIDAL category. Viola! You flag your favourite shoes, sending the links to your beloved bridesmaids. You enjoy email banter about who likes what. You all agree on the bridesmaid choice. Leaving you indecisive about the white or the ivory shade to best compliment your dress. So, you order both. 3 days later all shoes arrive at your address in say, the northern beaches of Sydney. Next scheduled appointment at the dressmakers you enter not only with a bottle of champers, but armed with everyone’s shoes. Sizes, colours, fabrics, can all be discussed, tried on and worked back with your dresses. Confidently, knowing that ShoeSales offers a 100-day FREE return policy. No anxious, stressed-to-the max Bridezilla in this situation. Simply a bride-to-be enjoying a dress fitting with her shoes and her bridesmaids!

Take all the stress out of your wedding shoe shopping and step into our Evelyn Miles designer collection at

Miss xxoo

seren 300x199 Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??skye 300x199 Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??serenity 300x199 Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??


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