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Guess What? $20 Gift Voucher from shoesales.com.au

No Comments 02 September 2012

We all love SHOES right? That shoegasmic high when you receive that new pair of shoes delivered to your door. Opening the package carefully and gingerly, anticipating your new acquisition. Structuring your day around the shoes you want to wear? Stroking the vintage fabric or silken satin of your new heel. Obsessed I know!  Shoesales.com.au [...]

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Trend Updates

Buying SHOES………

No Comments 03 July 2012

Buying shoes is such a ‘girl thing’. We don’t receive any formal training, yet we have this innate ability to shop till we drop!! So why is it? We see it we want it The digital era we live in has the made the world smaller. We see our favourite celebrity sporting the new platform craze, [...]

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Random Quirks

‘Did someone say SHOE SALE?!?!”

No Comments 20 June 2012

The word “sale” seems to be subconsciously synchronised with women and the mere mention of this word seems to send us into an excitable frenzy. Once upon a time – we scurried at the swiftest, half-run to the nearest shopping centre, dashing to our destination and praying that they still had our size in that [...]

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