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Lace peeptoe heels available at Shoesales

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Evelyn Miles: The Look Of Luxury

No Comments 26 August 2013

Luxurious, stylish and glamorous, the ‘Evelyn Miles‘ collection of designer bridal and special occasion shoes, will ensure that you are wearing the very best in quality and style on your big day. A fabulous collection of bridal/wedding shoes available at shoesales.com.au, ‘Evelyn Miles’ shoes have become renowned for individual uniqueness, that utilises the very best [...]

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Are SHOES your obsession too?

No Comments 07 May 2013

Are you a total fashionista with a designer shoe fetish? Do you crave the feel of luxurious leathers, satins or silk suedes embracing your bare feet? Do you desire the confidence that a beautiful pair of fashion high heels exudes? Or perhaps the comfort factor of a quirky wedge? Or is it simply the everyday [...]

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ShoeSales steps into Bride Wedding Expo Melbourne 2013

No Comments 07 May 2013

ShoeSales.com.au is stepping into the limelight of the upcoming Bride Wedding Expo Melbourne June 15th & 16th 2013. The Melbourne Bride Magazine wedding expo has everything you need to plan a stylish and sophisticated wedding. The expo is the perfect opportunity for bridal parties to meet face to face with suppliers to discuss their specific wedding requirements. [...]

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Bold Beautiful Bride – Beth Walker talks exclusively to ShoeSales

No Comments 24 April 2013

Dear Bride-To-Bes, ShoeSales fell head over heels for this special bride, Beth Walker. She stepped into our digital shoe world, with her hopes set upon red heels for her upcoming wedding. A very bold, fashion statement that Beth executed with flourish. (Brides opting for coloured, stand-out shoes – is a bridal trend roaring worldwide). This fabulous lady [...]

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Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??

No Comments 19 April 2013

Planning that dream wedding can become a bride’s worst nightmare! Acquiring a second fulltime job of coordinating, scheduling and managing, unleashes your inner Bridezilla! Seeking the perfect wedding shoe, to match that illusive wedding gown, becomes another chore, noted on your expanding things-to-do list. Overwhelmed by the pressure, bridal blues can slip in, zapping all [...]

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Beach Wedding Sandals @ShoeSales.com.au

2 Comments 15 January 2013

The beach is an idyllic setting for exchanging your marriage vows. The ocean and the sky make an awe-inspiring backdrop. The sound of the waves, the breeze and the abundance of natural light (a photographer’s dream) – you can easily understand how the beach ceremony has become the current hot trend.   The team @ [...]

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Exclusive Shoe Designs from the Sole

No Comments 22 August 2012

Shoesales.com.au is an exclusive online fashion footwear retailer. Our Shoe Sales designer spends countless hours in the design room assuring our client with up to date, on-trend, exclusive designs. Shoes that aren’t simply ‘knock-offs’ from worldwide designers, but original creations designed by a trained eye that spans a portfolio of nearly 20 years in the [...]

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Bridal Shoes / Wedding Shoes / Bridesmaids Shoes …..

No Comments 05 July 2012

ShoeSales.com.au elevates the iconic brand Evelyn Miles with it’s collection of bridal / wedding shoes. A divine collection of exclusively designed, special occasion and bridal footnotes. Luxurious and sumptuous fabrics such as;- silk, satin, tulle, chiffon and lace. Bridal belles adore a palate of ivory, white, champagne, nude, and soft silvery hues. Ornate applications of [...]

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Meet the Designer

No Comments 26 July 2011

Ms Louboutin’ is the new nickname of Sarah Figgins. If you haven’t heard about her yet, brace yourself for the hype! A self confessed ‘Imelda’, Sarah Figgins and her business partner, launched ShoeSales.com.au less than a year ago as Australia’s premium online footwear retailer. Since then, ShoeSales.com.au has taken off and Sarah’s styles are being [...]

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Why heels?

No Comments 30 June 2011

“High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead”. ShoeSales.com.au conducted a random survey and asked ‘Why do women love high heels?’ These were the top answers: 1. They make us look taller 2. Our legs look longer and slender 3. Confidence boost – we feel HOT 4. High heels [...]

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