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Slipping into a BALLET FLAT

0 Comments 01 October 2013

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It used to be that ballerina flats were what they sounded like – flat shoes that looked like ballet slippers. And in the strictest sense of the term, that definition is still correct. But now you can find everything from sneakers to evening shoes that are inspired by ballet slippers, and hence could be called ballerina flats.

Being heelless, ballerina flats have a tendency to make ones legs appear shorter, so pair them with a shorter skirt, extending the amount of leg that is shown.

Ballerina flats with satin or embellished uppers can seem especially dressy and elegant, while leather ballets are a bit more casual and are great for pairing with jeans and shorts.

how to wear ballerina flats Slipping into a BALLET FLAT

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What to Wear with Ballerina Flats

·         Capri Pants

·         Leggings

·         Shorts

·         Skirts with hemline at or above the knee.

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 how to wear flats Slipping into a BALLET FLAT

Apparel to Avoid

·         Long legged pants.

·         Pleated pants with narrow legs. This will make your mid section appear bigger, while making your legs seem shorter.

* Besides being super-comfortable, ballet flats really do go with everything! Here starlet Katherine Heigl pairs her flats with jeans for a casual look.

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