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7 Comments 12 September 2012

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celine 300x290 Self confessed shoe addict @ isn’t a day that goes by, that someone doesn’t ask me about shoes or I am not obsessing about shoes! From the moment I step out of the shower and open my closet – it starts with what shoe today? It is a morning ritual, whereby the rest of my outfit is coordinated. Tweeting #shoeoftheday! Pumps, wedges (a wedge will always win me!), peep toes, ballet flats, boots (love boots in spring with summer dresses), sequins, soft leathers and I can keep going and going …..

Before I could walk or talk I would clap my hands with glee as my Mum’s stiletto heels would teeter across our tiled floor. At kinder I would draw simple stick figures, but impressed everyone with the fabulous attention I would take to the stick figure’s heels. I took a part-time job at 15 years of age; to ‘solely’ afford the beautiful Italian Beltrami shoes I found in Midas. I then worked at Evelyn Miles designer boutique whilst I was at university, just so I could touch and smell the designer creations, and so I could afford more shoes! This insatiable addiction landed me a footwear buying cadetship and it was goodbye studies! My enchanted shoe addiction reached dizzy heights when the glass slipper was fitted to my foot and I married into the Figgins (3rd generation shoe) family.

My shoe collection (20 years in the making) now spans a specially built room, plus boxed storage in a secret location (my husband hates to hoard!). My shoes are my treasures and evoke nostalgia of a certain holiday, a dinner date, a live concert, my wedding slippers, my engagement shoes or even a heel that I designed that I loved and never sold! My shoes are unique works of art and engineering.

My shoes are mood lifters. PMT, bad hair day, I feel fatigued or out of sorts – I whip out my shoesales red / white POLKA dot heels and I’m buzzing. Instant transformation! Or I need to power play a board meeting – I rock out my classic PEARL pumps and my persona switches to impeccably cool, calm and collected.

There is a joy that comes with designing a shoe, finding that perfect vintage brocade or an exquisite trim that makes me sigh. I have an innate ability of creating a form that lifts the leg and contours the foot perfectly – a passion for creating unique shoes, something different and something completely exclusive for fellow shoe-loving addicts. I literally stop breathing with the debut of each ‘new arrivals‘ collection. The mixed rush of anxiety and excitement! Hoping our devoted shoesales client loves this new shoe as much as I do?!

I love what I do. I keep it real, I’m a mother, wife and I run a business. Shoes don’t define me, but they certainly enchant me.

I am a self-confessed shoe addict! And I stand tall, in my 5inch heels!

Sarah Figgins xx

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I have been shoe-obsessed for the greater part of my life! From stick figures with elaborately illustrated heels as a child, to my first part-time job in a shoe boutique, to a Cinderella tale of marrying into a 'shoe' family! I was a destined cobbler. The last 20 years have been dedicated to footwear design. I blend my knowledge of colour, material and form to create silhouettes that evoke glamour and elegance. I draw every sketch, select materials and finalise each construction detail that produces all shoes. I do this with passion - appealing to conservative, eclectic and adventurous personalities and tastes. My philosophy “give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world!” Google Plus

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  1. Lynn Aleckson says:

    I don’t buy clothes unless I need them, but I always need shoes. My son moved out of home & I turned his room into a shoe closet. I love Shoe Sales because I don’t have to leave the house & the range of shoes is amazing.

  2. Natrissara says:

    I have a shoe addiction for sure!
    And no only that, its a specific preference and need for only 1 type of shoe, which makes up 99% of everything I have.

    I am half filipino, and I got my 1st pair of heels at age 14, and I never looked back. Most of my adult life I have had the comments/comparisons of my love for heels to Imelda Marcos, being filo. BUt I take that with pride, and can only WISH to have extensive rooms of 1000s of pairs!

    My collection is made up of essentially only heels – I just never wear flats! And more than this, all my heels are also open toe- its been over 10 years since I last wore closed toe heels, so that is specific and part of the depth of my love for strappy open heels – I don’t wear anything else, regardless of the weather, all year long.


  3. Candice says:

    I’m a total shoe addict. I can’t tell you how many pairs I have, I stopped counting once I cracked 200… Plausible deniability and all that. My husband is well aware of my little problem and I’m pretty sure he’s cottoned onto the fact that I hide them in the car so I can smuggle them inside when he’s not home. Don’t we all? A few months ago he got a bit clever on me, when he asked… Are these new shoes? To which I promptly replied, No I’ve had them forever, the bastard flipped them over on me to check out the condition of the soles!!! And since he wasn’t buying my, they must be breeding in the closet theory, I had to come up with a solution. So now, before sneaking my new shoes inside, I put them on and walk up and down our concrete driveway a few times.

  4. Miss S says:

    The shoesales team agree that a lady who walks up and down her driveway to scuff and wear her soles, in order to hide her new shoes from questioning hubby – has a worthy shoe addiction!! Loved it! Candice thank you for sharing your story. Please email with yor postal / email address and the girls will issue your $50 voucher. Well done xx

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