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The PLATFORM shoe came onto the scene in the early 1970s and became an instant phenomenon. Overnight they appeared at the fashion shows in Paris, in fashion magazines and retail stores.

Women’s passion for the platform shoe has stood the test of time and never really faded.


Platform shoes are extremely COMFORTABLE and you can literally walk and walk without the excruciating pain that can be felt with a typical stiletto. The platform has a thick sole (typically b/w 2 and 4 centimetres thick) made of leather, rubber, cork or wood. This thick sole accommodates the height of the heel and acts as a counterbalance. The wearer’s weight is more evenly dispersed along the foot rather than built up pressure at the ball of the foot.

The PLATFORM – the modern day classic.

Elevated fashion – the PLATFORM – has become a fashion staple and has the world completely hooked (line & sinker)! The recent post of Lady Gaga’s spill in London (mind you her platform height was seriously pushing the rules of gravity) had the ShoeSales team look into the shocking spills of the fashion runways.

Don’t be scared off, our mothers executed this trend beautifully in the 70′s – all you need is an ATTITUDE, grace and a bit of practice. Maybe wise for those ‘L’ plate platform wearers to practise a few times at home before going out! Stand up straight, shoulders back and face looking ahead (don’t look down). Lift your steps a little higher, as your toes are more elevated from the floor. Place your heel down first then the ball of your foot. Strut up and down, get used to the feel and the balance. Swing those hips (just a little – no need to show off) …. and WALK IT BABY!

Get the look;

Victoria Beckham Jane Heels Elevated Fashion

Beyonce Knowles Platform Shoes Elevated Fashion


Sarah Jessica Parker Stella Heels Elevated Fashion

Alexa Chung Lili Heels Elevated Fashion

Tara Reid Platform Shoes Elevated Fashion

Heidi Montag Platform Boots Elevated Fashion


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