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Bold Beautiful Bride – Beth Walker talks exclusively to ShoeSales

0 Comments 24 April 2013

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Dear Bride-To-Bes,

ShoeSales fell head over heels for this special bride, Beth Walker. She stepped into our digital shoe world, with her hopes set upon red heels for her upcoming wedding. A very bold, fashion statement that Beth executed with flourish. (Brides opting for coloured, stand-out shoes – is a bridal trend roaring worldwide). This fabulous lady made such an impression on our team, and so I seized the opportunity to get  up ‘close & personal’ with Beth to ask her about her ShoeSales experience.

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Why YOU loved using and how it made YOUR DAY that much less stressful?

It was pure luck I discovered, It came up as an ad on my Facebook page and at the time you guys were showing an image a pair of rocking blue suede heels and I had to have them. So I clicked through and the rest is history! The level of service I received for all of my orders has been outstanding, I’ve even had courtesy calls to check on the details of my orders, just to confirm they were sending me the right thing, which is a welcome change from most of the “service” you receive these days when shopping online. The shoes were sent and arrived on my doorstep within 5 days, so I had them in my hands with plenty of time to ensure they fit and went with outfits , etc.  I never had any problems on the odd occasion I did have to return something for a wrong sizing, and went all out, even sending me complimentary flip flops for me and my bridal party in case our feet got tired after a whole day of standing! The little touches really made all the difference. I felt like a bride and was treated like one, not just any customer who was making an order. It really contributed to making my day special and eliminating the stress of worrying about wrong sizes or poor products. Everything I’ve received from shoesales has been perfect and has become a much envied part of my wardrobe by others. icon smile Bold Beautiful Bride   Beth Walker talks exclusively to ShoeSales
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What inspired you to make a bold, daring statement and opting RED SHOES?
I’ve never been a girly girl although I do love to be feminine. I’m a singer and songwriter and my trademark in all of my photo shoots has always been a killer pair of red heels, so when the Red Ines shoes were released on I knew I had to have them for my wedding day. I actually had bought my wedding shoes before I’d chosen my dress, that was how much I knew the look I was going for. A lot of people had questions and opinions about my choice to not go with a traditional wedding shoe, but deep down inside I knew the vision I had in my head and wanted to make my day a
nd choice of shoes a true expression of myself. Red has always been my colour and I knew there would be some key element of red in my wedding theme, I just didn’t want to go for red bridesmaids dresses as I wanted to keep the focus on me, the bride! I wanted something that had an edge to it, to show my inner rock chick and also wanted my bridesmaids and I to coordinate well. So all 5 of us wore the red Ines heels, and on the soles of each shoe I attached  heart shaped red tags with each bridesmaid’s name on it, with ‘bridesmaid’ written on the other foot. On my own shoes I had silver heart shaped tags with ‘Bethany’ and ‘Bride’. Wearing the same shoes was great because it meant we were all relative height, which worked out well for the photos and it felt like a little secret we all shared. I’m quite short so I didn’t mind the 6 inch heels… my husband is 6 foot 4 so it put me at perfect height for the kiss!! He also worked out the groomsmen’s shoes to colour block with the red of the bridal party’s shoes and the white of my dress with the black of their suits. So all over, our colour blocking worked out really well as the guys had sneakers with a perfect highlight of red, white and black. Our bridal party looked a million bucks and we all felt like rockstars.
A lot of people will have opinions on what you should or shouldn’t wear or choose for your wedding day. The best advice I can give any bride is trust your vision. Stick to your guns. Learn what you’re willing to compromise on and what’s not negotiable. For me, my shoes were everything I could’ve hoped for and made the whole thing feel like the perfect expression of my uniqueness and quirky nature, so I’m so pleased I stuck with my idea. I can’t even imagine my day without my shoes. I still wear them to work on the odd occasion and people gush over how amazing they are!
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Beth has shared her magnificent wedding moments with us, showcasing her attention grabbing red heels. Style INES by ShooBiz made exclusively for   Did I also mention that Beth is an insanely talented singer / songwriter? You can look this gorgeous lady up or The album is available on iTunes at and definitely worth listening to!
Miss S xxoo


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