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Bold Beautiful Bride – Beth Walker talks exclusively to ShoeSales

No Comments 24 April 2013

Dear Bride-To-Bes, ShoeSales fell head over heels for this special bride, Beth Walker. She stepped into our digital shoe world, with her hopes set upon red heels for her upcoming wedding. A very bold, fashion statement that Beth executed with flourish. (Brides opting for coloured, stand-out shoes – is a bridal trend roaring worldwide). This fabulous lady [...]

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Bridal Footnotes

Is wedding shoe stress turning you into BRIDEZILLA??

No Comments 19 April 2013

Planning that dream wedding can become a bride’s worst nightmare! Acquiring a second fulltime job of coordinating, scheduling and managing, unleashes your inner Bridezilla! Seeking the perfect wedding shoe, to match that illusive wedding gown, becomes another chore, noted on your expanding things-to-do list. Overwhelmed by the pressure, bridal blues can slip in, zapping all [...]

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No Comments 11 April 2013

You know how much we ladies love handbags! It’s not only in the shoe – it’s in the bag! The handbag like a fabulous pair of heels, is a fashion icon. Whether we’re going out to a fancy function or just want to add a little sparkle to our casual day look, a bag is a fabulous way of spicing [...]

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