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No Comments 27 June 2012 has just thrown us into a boot-flapping frenzy!!  1/2 PRICE BOOT SALE (and yes that’s ALL BOOTS included, not selected styles). Those words “1/2 PRICE BOOTS” puts us straight into a stammering, stuttering whirwind of excitement! I know I am not alone here ladies – it’s a girl thing! It’s like a champagne infused [...]

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“Oh, Yes I Do Love Shoes” ……

No Comments 24 June 2012

Anyone that knows me – knows that my entire life has been dedicated to SHOES! Completely shoe-obsessed. I have but one mantra and motto I live by daily: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe I was asked recently to submit my favourite shoe quotes for a magazine article, which got me [...]

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Random Quirks

‘Did someone say SHOE SALE?!?!”

No Comments 20 June 2012

The word “sale” seems to be subconsciously synchronised with women and the mere mention of this word seems to send us into an excitable frenzy. Once upon a time – we scurried at the swiftest, half-run to the nearest shopping centre, dashing to our destination and praying that they still had our size in that [...]

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Juliette Black Glitter

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Rock Chics

No Comments 07 June 2012

Mosh pit or red carpet – Rock Chics dress in a style all their own. The rock chick look has been a staple trend since the days of the Rolling Stones, coming and going through fashion fazes. It’s edgy, it can be hard, it can be disheveled and relaxed – it’s about expressing your individuality. [...]

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